The Than Family in An Lo
Thua Thien – Hue Province

To: All Paternal and Maternal Relatives of the Than Family

After delivering the Announcement No 1 of the Board of Contact for the Aggregated Ceremonial Offerings of the Than Family on September 24, 2009, we would like to send to you all the Announcement No 2, which is also the Invitation Form, to request your presence at the Great Aggregated Ceremonial Offerings of the Than Family held on 27, 28 and 29 of August 2009 (alias on the 8, 9 and 10 of July, Ky Suu – year of Buffalo – lunar calendar). The Ceremonial Offerings will be held at the House of Worship of the Than Family in An Lo Village, Phong Hien Section, Phong Dien District, Thua Thien Hue Province.

Recently, the Board of Contact has received a lot of letters of the Than relatives everywhere, responding to the call for material contribution to the solemn organization of the great “Aggregated Ceremonial Offerings”, including those of:

Mr. Than Trong Van (France), on behalf of the “Than Brotherhood” overseas, has given 500 US dollars; and 100 US dollars of his own.

Mr. Than Trong Quang
(USA) contributed a fund of VND 700,000,000 to renovate the two tombs of our ancestors: one is of our Highness Than Dai Lang, the Reclaimer and Founder of An Lo Village; and the other is of our Highness - His Greatest Than Van Thanh, which locates on Vong Canh Hill, Cu Chanh Village.

Mr. Than Trong Luan (HCMC) offered a tri-object worship set (one bronze incense-burner and 2 bronze candle stands) and a bronze gong which worth VND 3,000,000.

Ms. Valérie Le Quang (France) offered VND 2,000,000

A Board of Organizers has been founded in An Lo, consisting of 9 members headed by Mr. Than Nguyen Huu. In the Board, there are representatives of the Than branches in An Lo, Nguyet Bieu, Cu Chanh, Thanh Tien, Duong Xuan.

The intended Agenda of the Aggregated Ceremonial Offerings is as follow:

August 27, 2009 (July 8, lunar calendar)
Morning: Yearly meeting of the Than Nationwide Council at the Hall of Common House of Worship of Than Family
Afternoon: ‘Tuc Yet’ Ceremony (the ceremony in which Descendant Representative Heads carry a thurible to inform the Ancestors of the ceremonial offerings)

August 28, 2009 (July 9, lunar calendar)
Morning: Official Ceremonial Offerings
Afternoon: Setting forth to the tomb of the Highest Ancestor

August 29, 2009 (July 10, lunar calendar)
Morning: Ceremony of Thanking

The Organizing Board begin to receive relatives from afar coming to attend the Aggregated Ceremonial Offerings at the Family House of Worship in An Lo Village on August 27, 2009 (July 8, Lunar calendar). Having contact in advance with Mr. Than Nguyen Huu (in An Lo Village) is highly appreciated.
Home phone:
Mobile: 0914.089.732

In this year’s aggregated ceremonial offerings on August 29, 2009, there will be a Requiem Letter in which names of the pass-away of the Paternal and Maternal Relatives of the Than Family since 2003 would be put up. The Board of Contact would hope any families that have pass-away relatives, send a list of their names with year of birth and year of pass-away so that their names will be included in the Requiem Letter for worshipping. Would you please send your list to:

Mr. Than Trong Ninh
Add: 102 Le Loi – Hue (Vietnam)
Home phone: 054 3 823 785

Financial contribution, if any, should be send to the Board of Contact by post to the following address:
Mr. Than Them
Add: 51 Hai Ba Trung – Hue (Vietnam)
Home phone: 054.3.828516
Mobile: 0913.425.131

Or via bank account
Account number 4000.205.185.050
Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thua Thien – Hue (Ngân hàng Nông nghiệp và Phát triển Nông thôn Thừa Thiên - Huế)
Name of Account: Than Them

The date of the aggregated ceremonial offerings is coming very soon (around 90 days more), the Board of Contact and the Board of Organizers would like to receive responses as early as possible; and we would be happy to receive all the Paternal and Maternal Relatives of the Than Family in Vietnam as well as the world over coming to attend this year’s aggregated ceremonial offerings.

Huế, An Lỗ, 20, May. 2009
The Board of Organizing the Ceremonial offerings

Head of the Board
Thân Nguyên Hữu

The Board of Contact
Head of the Board
Thân Trọng Ninh


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